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SOLD - NOS - Small Block Ford 4-Deuce Man-A-Fre


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NOS - Small Block Ford 4-Deuce Man-A-Fre

- This "Induction Plate" is very hard to find in any condition, let alone NOS.

- We did blast the exterior with a media just to clean it up, and to blend all of the outter surface color before coating it with our proprietary clear ceramic.

- The bottom & Interior are "As Cast" originally and perfectly clean 

** The 3rd photo shows that the Balance Tube openings in all 4 carb plenums are clean, clear, and open... Most All of the "Used" Man-A-Fre's that we have seen, this balance tube is full of carbon caused by improper overly rich jetting.

- We will sell this out right at the price shown, Or we can build it into a complete system with Carbs - Cross Shaft Linkage - and Fuel Lines (CALL)

** If you've been looking for one of these, we can almost guarantee that you won't ever find another NOS SBFord 4-Deuce Man-A-Fre for less money

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Product Code: (00008C)


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