Pontiac Tripower Center Carburetor – NOS 7026084 – Marine Carburetor

NOS New Old Stock – Small Base Rochester Carburetor – #7026084

Easily “CLONED” by the End User    

– 1959 > 1965 Pontiac Tripower Center Carburetor

– 1957 > 1958 Pontiac Tripower (use in all 3 positions) 

– 1959 > 1960 Cadillac Center Carburetor

– 1957 > 1958 J2 Olds (use in all 3 positions)

– 1958 > Chevrolet 348″ Tripower Center Carburetor (use in all 3 positions)

– Correct 1.250″ Venturi – (the largest cfm venturi in the small base family)

– Correct Jetting

– Correct True Tripower Base Plate

– Correct Mixture Screws

– Correct Front Fuel Inlet

– Correct Hot Air Choke Housing

– Correct Choke Stat Cover 

– Because they have been sitting in RPD storage since 1966, They all do need to be taken apart, cleaned, rebuilt (or restored) before use **

– The nice thing about these, You are starting with a brand new – never before used carburetor… And ALL have the attributes noted above.

– We’ve built a bunch of these already, and They, Are, Awesome!

** Priced @ $250.oo EACH + UPS Ground Shipping

** Discount Allowed When Purchasing LARGE QUANTITY – Take The Last 75 and $AVE BIG!

** Price Includes Correct Venturi Cluster / Booster

** We offer New Brass Floats @ $17.95 each

** We offer Our PREMIUM Rebuild Kits @ $49.oo each

*** Correct 1964-1965 Pontiac GTO Throttle Arm = Ames Performance # N152G

*** Correct 1964-1965 Pontiac GTO Choke Breaker / Fast Idle Cam = Ames Performance # N136GR

FOR SALE – Small Base Rochester 2-Jet Carburetor Cores – 2G, 2GC, 2GV – ALL MUST GO!

All are the sought after and hard to find Chevrolet versions. All have been kept in our own dry storage for more than 30 years. DISCOUNTED PRICING WHEN PURCHASING LARGER QUANTITIES… And lots of extra parts included if you buy em all. Call 406-453-5395 – 9am – 5pm – Mountain Time – Monday thru Wednesday

Hot Rod & Restoration Business FOR SALE

We’ve decided that the time has come for us to “retire”, so our business of 35 years is For Sale. It will be sold all inclusive “Turn Key”, including our Large Inventory of Chevrolet Small Base Rochester 2G, 2GC and 2GV Core Carburetors. This business would be a perfect addition to an existing hot rod shop, automotive restoration shop, or current carburetor rebuilding business. Or you can run it as a stand alone like we have since we started it in 1983. And don’t let the word carburetor scare you. We will share our simple, and repeatable procedures with you, for your continued success. Everything is easily moved to and operated from your location. Remember, you’re not just serving your local area, or local economy, You’re Serving The World! Fairly and Honestly Priced To Sell. It all starts with a phone call. Serious Inquiries Only! We are not closed, so please don’t hesitate to Call To Order Parts and Cores. We are here to serve. Thank You! 406-453-5395

Our 25th Anniversary with Edelbrock

I was just reminded that this is our 25th Year of being associated with and recommended by Edelbrock ( 06/94 to 06/19 ). The relationships that we’ve made with people there, or that have come from their recommendations, will always be some of our most cherished. Thank You to everyone that has helped promote us, and support us through all of these years. 

1967, 1968, 1969 Big Block Corvette Tri-Power Carburetor Heat Insulators

NHRA “World Champion” Sammy Pizzolato, just sent us a few photos and some comments after using a set of 3 of our Big Block CORVETTE Tri-Power Carburetor Insulator Packages on his own 1969 Corvette street car.

“These carb insulators are a must for every Big Block TriPower Corvette owner”… “It’s so nice now, to be able to shut the engine off, and not have to worry about carburetor percolation and gas flooding over into the engine”… “These really do work! Thank You for manufacturing such a great product.”

Thank You Sammy for the awesome endorsement, and because of the special material that these are made out of, we know you will appreciate them for a long time to come.

* Set of 3 – 1/2″ Thick – “Bonded Pair” Heat Insulating Spacers & Shields (there is no gasket between spacer & shield); with longer studs, nuts, washers and plenty of gaskets are now priced @ $207.oo + usps priority mail (please note, that the logo will only appear on the center carb bowl shield, and not all 3 insulators as shown in the photos here, that were for display only (the one logo is very discrete, so much so that most people never even see that it’s there).

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Hot Rod Santa… Merry Christmas to all

AUTOMOTION : - Larry Fulton copyMay the Peace & Joy that Christmas brings, be with you and your families throughout the New Year…

 Hot Rod Santa wishes a Merry Christmas to All!

we will be closed from Saturday, Dec. 20th, 2014 to Monday Jan. 5th, 2015 for year end inventory and the holidays



( original Jeff Norwell artwork for us – AUTOMOTION – copyright 2010 )

Rochester 2 Barrel Carburetor CFM Ratings

The testing is done and we’ve proven our point that the printed CFM Ratings supplied by the Rochester Products Division (RPD) of GM has been incorrectly documented from the very beginning… Realize, that compared to the equipment that is available today, RPD was using antiquated equipment and more theory than actuality in determining their flow numbers… And unlike Holley & Carter who used cfm ratings as part of their performance marketing campaigns, GM (RPD) actually would have preferred not using any CFM Ratings with their carburetors at all… The Small Base Rochester 2 Barrel Carburetor CFM ratings that we have proven, comes from the differences in the diameter of 5 different models that range from 1″ up to 1.250″…  My Thanks go to Nick Smithberg @ Smithberg Racing for having the skill, the equipment, and the want to do this project with us… Nick tested all of the 5 sizes; using multiple pressure drops and flows; and all testing was done with and without the air horn bell for comparison.2GC - 1 3:32" VENTURI

Carb Spacer and Heat Shield

Stromberg-97 Carb Spacer and Heat Shield

Stromberg-97 Carb Spacer and Heat Shield

Stromberg-97 Carb Spacer and Heat Shield

Our New Stromberg 97 – Holley 94 – Edelbrock 94, Hi-Performance Heat Insulating Carb Spacer & Shield… These Insulators Minimize Carburetor Heat Soak – Hard Starting – Fuel Evaporation – Vapor Lock – Percolation – Flooding – Intake Staining – and Heat Cycle Bowl Fracturing…

These WORK Especially Well on all Ford Flathead Applications!!

NO other options come close to matching the Qualities of Our New Product…
– Proprietary Patented Composite
– Lowers Carburetor Temperature
– Rigid Material Will Not Melt – Crush or Deform
– Black O.E.M. Appearance – color is throughout, not an applied coating

Check out the Applications and Available Discounts on these 1/2″ thick “Bonded Pairs” here…

Hot Rod Magazine – August 2014
Carburetor Spacers Heat Insulating

 340" MOPAR 6-Pak Intake and Carbs - AUTOMOTION / Hot Rod Carbs<br />Holley 2300 Carburetor Heat Insulating Spacers & Shields

340″ MOPAR 6-Pak Intake and Carbs – AUTOMOTION / Hot Rod Carbs
Holley 2300 Carburetor Heat Insulating Spacers & Shields

Hot Rod Magazine – ‘Parts & Stuff’ – August 2014

Carburetor Spacers Heat Insulating… Despite the advancements in late model efi, the carburetor still rules when it comes to “True” Hot Rods and O.E.M. Muscle Cars.

AUTOMOTION / Hot Rod Carbs has released it’s own line of ‘Premium’ carburetor heat insulating spacers and spacer shields that help minimize the ill effects of the gasoline blends that we all have to contend with today.

Popular 2-bbl. models are available now. 1 bbl & 4 bbl models coming soon.

Each insulator is only 1/4″ thick for applications where hood clearance maybe an issue (some insulation is better than none!)… If you are sure that height is not an issue or concern a “Configured Pair” of a little more than 1/2″ thick is the recommended insulation for each carburetor.

Small Block Ford Tri-Power - AUTOMOTION / Hot Rod Carbs<br />Holley 2300 Heat Insulating Shields and Spacers

Small Block Ford Tri-Power – AUTOMOTION / Hot Rod Carbs
Holley 2300 Carburetor Heat Insulating Spacers & Shields

The Holley 2300 version shown here is intended for use in single carb and multiple carb applications like the

– 427″ Chevrolet Corvette Tri-Power

– FE Ford 406 Tri-Power

– Small Block Ford K Code 289″

– 340″ 6-Pak MOPAR

– 440″ 6-Pak MOPAR

Top photo = 340″ MOPAR 6-Pak

Bottom photo = Small Block Ford Tri-Power

Edelbrock X3 – Early Chrysler HEMI


6-Deuce HEMI – Edelbrock-X3

Edelbrock X3 – 6-Deuce Early Chrysler HEMI

Here’s my rendition of a properly built and assembled 6-Deuce Rochester Carburetor System, using a 55 Year Old Edelbrock X3 Cross-Ram Intake that I restored in-house.

Everything runs and idles just on the center two carbs.  The corner four are functioning secondary-dumpers that only flow air & fuel once you start to pull them open… When that happens, HOLD’N ON!!… None of this build was as easy as it looks… But it was very, very satisfying in the end.

We’ve got an 6-Deuce Edelbrock X4 – for Big Block Chevy that is available as well… Give us a call to place your order for that rare piece before it’s gone as well.

Thank You