We recently built a 388″ SBC for Jeff Devey’s ’32 Coupe. It’s a 3.80″ stroke x 4.030″ bore, small hyd roller cam, and some old school “as cast” 1.94″ double-hump heads. On the dyno, from 2,200 – 5,300 rpm, the Torque and the HP both held steady well above 400… And I never touched the carbs. I didn’t even have to adjust the idle! These carbs were correct, right out of the box. Larry, you are the 3-Deuce Master!

Mark KIdd – Kidd Performance & Dyno – Twin Falls, ID

The carburetor insulation spacers and shields that we got from you work great!.. Since putting them on, we’ve had no more fuel percolation problems at all… Thank You for giving us this peace of mind when driving our car.

Robert Harrington – CT

Hey Larry, My truck is finally a runner. We took the truck up the road twice, last eve, first time slowly checking the brakes, etc… the Second time… I floored the pedal… and HOLY SHIT the trans shifted down and all HELL broke loose.


I am so pleased that we got hooked up and I put the Tri -Power on our own shop truck.
It idles and runs great, and goes like Jack The Bear!
It will be a great advert for your systems.
Gotta go… I have to drive round the block one more time before bed!!!

Reid Caldwell – New Zealand

We started the engine on Monday and WOW!

The engine oil, and gas was pre-primed, and the motor turned over maybe a third of a rotation and it fired!

It idled great without any adjustments, and after it warmed up we tried to re-adjust the idle mixture screws.
There was no need, as they were set perfectly out of the box!

The throttle response was crisp, and the transition was smooth.

How did you do that… do you wet flow or Just Your Experience?

My engine builder was very impressed with your Carbs and System, and he’s got more than a few horror stories trying to run other providers 3-Carbs.

Long story short, the engine builder and others have complimented me over and over on my purchase from you. A couple of people even want to buy my motor!

With the help of experts like you, the motor has turned out better than I ever envisioned.
I just want to say Thank You again!

Ron Heaverlo – IA

Automotion / HotRodCarbs.com – are builders of the BEST Tri-Power Setups out there.

We used one on George’s Sedan Delivery, and we’ll use another one on ‘Butch’ Verbeck’s HEMI Powered Coupe

Dave Lane – 2008 Street Rod of the Year – Fast Lane Rod Shop – FastLaneRodShop.com – IA

Great Job on the Carbs!
I’m happy to give you full credit for your carb work.

Thank You again!

George Poteet – 2008 Street Rod of the Year – Camel Toe Racing – CamelToe.net – TN

Larry Fulton sells what I feel, are the best engineered carbs and system available from any source.

The quality is second to none, and the customer service is great.
He has to be on your must buy from list!

Eddie Haines – HemiHaines.com – FL

I received everything yesterday, and I must say that this is the BEST piece of workmanship that I have ever seen!!!

It’s just great and will be the most outstanding part of the engine. Your detail is exceptional!

Thank You for providing such a great part for my Hot Rod Project!

Bill Neumann – CA

Larry’s Systems ‘Flat-Out Work!’…
I’ve never had any issues with any of the jobs he’s done for me (now @ 6)…

I take ’em outta the box…
bolt ’em down, give ’em gas, and away we go.

Tom Pogo – OutHouse Engineering – WI

(RIP Tom… I miss your friendship and conversation, and I’ll always appreciate your trust in me. Thank You. Larry)

The 3×2 set-up looks and runs great on the ’54!

At the Good Guys Midwest Nationals, I received the ‘Sexy Sedan’ pick…

Your piece really made it!

John LaMontia – IA

WOW, what beautiful work!

Jay Stone – Master Fabricator / Craftsman / Hot Rod Builder – NC

Just a quick note to confirm what you told me….
My HEMI starts easily… It idles great with my Big Cam… and It turns the tires without hesitation.

Thank You for giving me what you said you would!

Dave Ham – OR

Not knowing what to expect from your Carbs and System, I gotta say we were impressed!

We pumped the carbs a couple of times, and the engine started right up without any issues.

We let it warm up, we checked the valves, set the timing, and checked the idle mixture screws (they were perfect as shipped), and then we made some pulls…

Your System made an additional 23+ ft.lbs. of torque over our usual Holley, and we didn’t give up any Horsepower.

I’d definitely say you know what you are doing… Can I have 5 more systems by the end of the month?

Ben Smeding – Smeding Performance

Thank You Larry for doing such an awesome job on our Tri-Power.

We knew that it would be nice, but It’s much better than what we’d expected…

We all love it!

Sweet Pea and Jim Hervatin – 2010 Street Rod of the Year – MO

Larry, I finally got the truck done and on the road.

Your Induction System has been fantastic.
It runs great and gets a lot of compliments!!

Thanks again for your service and providing me with a ‘Top Quality’ product.

Jim Scofield – CT

Your work is a mechanical piece of art!!

Thank You.

Scott Engelhart – MN

We’ve been to 4 Shows and received 4 First Place Trophies.

Thank You Larry, everybody is impressed with your Tri-Power!

Tom Creach – KS

Lar, the car is running great…
we drove it from New York to Bonney-ville, and then back to New York with no problems. Thank You!

Jake & Lou Ann Roberts – NY

(RIP Jake… I know You will be missed by all that knew and loved you. Lou Ann I’m sorry for your loss. Larry)

I felt like a kid at Christmas when I opened the box and saw my 3-Deuce’s!
The order arrived as advertised and it is Awesome!!

They work as good as they look which is Perfect, and I would recommend that anyone wanting their job to be done right the first time, call you, it is “the BEST Tri-Power setup available from any source”.

Woody and Susie Harrington, MI