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by AUTOMOTION Rochester Carburetor Service

We are a small specialized shop that provides Our Customers with ‘Custom’ Hot Rod Tri-Power Systems that are based on the versatile Rochester 2-Jet – 2GC model of Rochester Carburetor…. and unlike catalogs, what we offer is more Art & Craft than a commodity.

All of our systems are delivered as a “Completely Assembled Unit” that has been meticulously hand-crafted from New Parts & Pieces (including the carburetors) to exactly meet the performance and the aesthetic needs that our customers require for their vehicles… and there are never any hidden costs, fees or core charges.

If you prefer to do the assembly and the detailing yourself, we welcome that, by offering our full line of “Do-It-Yourself” Hot Rod Carbs Parts and Pieces, and our unequaled 35+ years of experience and knowledge that you’ll not get from any parts catalog, on-line auction site or some swap-meet guru.

Hot Rod Carbs & Related Parts

Spend some time cruising around our website to see all of the separate pages and the related Hot Rod Carbs and Parts that we offer.

Everything from our own Premium Carburetor Heat Insulating Spacers and Shields; to our own Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates with Progressive Linkage Kits and custom made Multiple Carb Fuel Lines.  And the many complimentary items such as Hot Rod Air Cleaners & Scoops, Finned Aluminum Valve Covers, and the Joe Hunt “Magneto Look” H.E.I. Distributors.

Besides the all ready mentioned Rochester 2-Jet – 2GC Carburetors and Parts, we also have Carburetors, Parts and Pieces available for the Chevrolet Rochester 4-Jet – 4GC and the Rochester Q-Jet.

Give Us A Call at 406.453.5395

* If you’d like to place an order for any of our ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Carburetor Parts and Builder Kits, or any of the featured Hot Rod Parts on our site you can do that by giving us a call… we accept cash, checks, visa & mastercard

* If you’d like to place an order for a ‘Custom Built’ Hot Rod Tri-Power System or any of our Multiple Carburetor Systems, then we do ask that you call us first to discuss your needs and application.  You’ll then proceed by completing our required ‘Work Order / Confirmation Sheet’ to reflect exactly what those needs may be.  The completed forms must then be sent to us with the minimum 50% “custom production fee” included.  This will guarantee your position in our busy work schedule, and it assures that you will receive exactly what you want and require for your engine and application.

Thank You for relying on Hot Rod Carbs .com for all of your Hot Rod Carburetion needs. 406.453.5395



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