Aluminum is not an insulator, and the Poly-Core is not stable when heated.

By CoolCarb’s Own Published WARNINGS and Disclaimers, these Poly-Core Aluminum parts are Not Recommended For Use On Engines with Exhaust Heat Crossover (which does help to atomize the fuel for a more efficient and cleaner burn); EGR Valves; or Cast Iron Intakes.

“The Poly-Core materials will “Get Soft or Melt” when heated, so “Do Not Apply Extreme Pressure” when tightening down the carburetor mounting stud and nuts.”

Ok, so How Hot is Too Hot? And How Tight, is Too Tight, before these “Soft or Melted” Poly-Core Parts Fail?

After reading that manufacturers Own Published WARNINGS and Disclaimers, why would anyone even consider spending their hard earned money on these inferior, non-effective, and failure prone poly-core aluminum parts?

We here at sure as hell wouldn’t, and we hope you won’t either.

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