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New Edelbrock F-380 - FE FORD Big Block - 3-Deuce / 3-Bolt Carbs


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SAVE - NEW / N.O.S. Edelbrock F380 - 3-Deuce Vintage 3-Bolt Carb - FE FORD Big Block

* These are brand new in the original Edelbrock boxes from the early '60s

* These are drilled for Vintage 3-Bolt style Carbs - like the Holley - Ford - Edelbrock 94's or the Stromberg 97's

* Includes NEW / NOS Oil Fill Tube w/ Internal Baffel = $50 item by it's self

* Includes New Edelbrock - Intake Manifold Gasket #7224 set = $19 item by it's self 

* Don't waste your hard earned cash on an old used up pos. Invest in this New one and be done with it


** We originally had 10 of these NOS F380 Intakes, and there is only 1 Left... You'd Better Grab It Before Someone Else Does!

* CASH or CHECK we pay the UPS Ground to anywhere in the Lower 48





Product Code: (00007G) Edelbrock F380 - 3-Deuce Vintage 3-Bolt Carbs - FE


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