6-Deuce HEMI – Edelbrock-X3

Edelbrock X3 – 6-Deuce Early Chrysler HEMI

Here’s my rendition of a properly built and assembled 6-Deuce Rochester Carburetor System, using a 55 Year Old Edelbrock X3 Cross-Ram Intake that I restored in-house.

Everything runs and idles just on the center two carbs.  The corner four are functioning secondary-dumpers that only flow air & fuel once you start to pull them open… When that happens, HOLD’N ON!!… None of this build was as easy as it looks… But it was very, very satisfying in the end.

We’ve got an 6-Deuce Edelbrock X4 – for Big Block Chevy that is available as well… Give us a call to place your order for that rare piece before it’s gone as well.

Thank You