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Remanufactured Small Base Rochester 2GV - Carter Carburetor Co.


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Small Base Rochester 2GV Carburetors - Remanufactured by the Carter Carburetor Company in St.Louis, MO

- All include a New Choke Pull-Off / Vacuum Breaker

- All include a Fuel Inlet Nut ( 1" hex )

- All include a New Bronze Fuel Filter

- All include the Air Cleaner Flange & Base Plate Gaskets 

- We've seen "remanufactured" small base 2GVs listed on Ebay for anywhere from $350 to $450 each + $100 Core Charge + UPS

** So we've priced these to move @ $225.oo each + ups - NO CORE CHARGE EVER!!

** SAVE Another $30 Each ( x 3 = $90 ) - when Purchased with Our "Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates & Progressive Linkage "Master Builder Kits" - YES. We Will Pick Up the UPS Charges with this deal also ( 3 of these carbs with 1 of the master builder kits = free shipping to lower 48 ) - Link >>> 

- Like those on Ebay there are no warranties included or implied; and there are no returns or exchanges of any kind > these were remanufactured by the proffesionals at Carter Carburetor Company in St.Louis, MO... ** We've had really good feedback from those that have purchased these from us. 

** If you'd rather remanufacture / rebuild your own carburetors, we also have a few thousand 2GV and 2GC "Premium Cores" for sale @ $89 and $139 each - link here >

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Product Code: (00001A)Remanufactured Small Base Rochester 2GV - Car

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