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Small 4 Bolt Carb Gasket Matching Plates


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CNC Cut 1/4" Thick Aluminum Plates

• for the Small Base Rochester 2G Carbs

• These correctly seal the overlap of the Common Primary ‘D Shape’ Base Plate to the Rectangular Carb Mounting Pads of the True Tri-Power Intake Manifolds (like the 348" Chevy, Early Caddy & J2 Olds).

• Also works as a heat insulator

• Each Set Includes
- One 1/4" Thick Plate
- 1 ‘D Shape’ Base Gasket
- 1 True Tri-Power Base Gasket
- 4 ea. Carb to Intake Studs & Nuts

Ask for discount @ 3+

Product Code: Intake_Manifolds-23AM


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