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Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates & Progressive Linkage "Master Kit"


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CALL! - Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates & Progressive Linkage "Master Builder Kit" -

* $ave Money! Do it right once, and be done with it... Don't throw your hard earned cash away on Ebay or Swap Meet CRAP!

Build Your Own Tri-Power Carburetors, using the same parts & pieces that we use in every 'Custom Build' we do... Plus you'll get our experience of 40+ years.

This 'Master Builder Kit' is The Best Buy for those that want to $ave some money and build their own Tri-Power

* Every part noted below is New, and was Made Specifically For Us here in the U.S.A.!

These Kits Include Everything Noted Below

• All 3 of Our Fully Assembled and Blue Printed 'Cast Iron Base Plates' include the following -

• Center Carb has the Idle Circuit / Adjustment - End Carbs have No Idle Circuits / or adjustements

• Each Includes Our Own Custom Machined Throttle Shaft with the Full 5/16" Diameter Splined End

• End Carbs have Our Properly Fitted Throttle Blades, for No Vacumm Leaks  

• End Carbs have Our Own Custom made Torsion Springs and Collars

• 3 Chrome Plated Throttle Arms (1 primary and 2 custom end carb arms)

• 3 New Chrome Plated Accel. Pump Rods


• Our Own "Splined - No-Slip - No-Bind" 3-Deuce / Tri-Power Progressive Linkage ( we set the progressive here for your intake carb spacing )

Realize, this ain't no spindly 1950's coat hanger linkage!

++ Plus all of these required parts to properly rebuild your carbs

• All Gaskets including Our Custom Cut & Coated Bowl & Base Gaskets and all small parts

• 3 - Complete Ethanol / Methanol Resistant Accelerator Pump Assemblies

• 3 - Needle & Seats - with our settings*

• 1 - New Power Valve - center carb

• 1 - New Modified Power Piston - center carb

• 3 - Pair of New Correct Jets - for your application

- 1 pair for center carb

- 2 pairs for end carbs

• 3 - New Brass Floats with Pins - with our settings*

• 3 - Air Cleaner Gaskets

• 2 - Power Valve Plugs - End Carbs

• 2 - sets Air Horn Plugs - End Carbs

• 9 - New Base Plate to Bowl Screws

• 3 - New Bowl Gaskets

• 3 - Base Plate Gaskets

• 3 - Base Plate to Intake Gaskets*

Does not include carburetors

* You must provide your own small base Rochester 2G - 2GC - 2GV carb cores

* We do have Carb Cores and Remanufactured Carbs availble separately at "special pricing" when combined with this builder kit, so that You can complete the job yourself - link here > 

* Our Complete Custom Built Systems, Carburetors and Builder Kits have been recommended by Edelbrock since 1994


( the intake manifold; oil fill tube with breather; carbs to intake manifold mounting studs & nuts shown are all available separately )

Product Code: (0002) Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates & Progressive Linkag


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