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Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates & Progressive Linkage "Basic Kit"


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Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates and Progressive Linkage "BASIC Kit" ( SMALL BASE ONLY - LARGE BASE IS NOT AVAILABLE ) - this is designed for those who need to eliminate the vacuum leaks associated with using old base plates with poor fitting throttle blades and worn out shafts, and at the same time you get “The Best Progressive Linkage that is available from any source”.

* does not include carburetors - You must supply your own small base Rochester 2G - 2GC - 2GV carbs or cores ( or we can supply these as well )

Basic Kit Includes =

• All 3 of Our Fully Assembled and Blue Printed Base Plates include the following features;

• Our NEW Extended Throttle Shafts with Full 5/16" Diameter Splined Ends

• Tight Fit Machined Throttle Blades

• Our Custom made Torsion Springs and Collars (on the end carbs)

• 3 Chrome Plated Throttle Arms (1 primary and 2 custom end carb arms)

• 3 New Chrome Plated Accel. Pump Rods

Plus +

• Our "Splined - No-Slip - No-Bind" 3-Deuce / Tri-Power Progressive Linkage ( that we set here for your intake spacing )

Realize, unlike others, this ain't no spindly 1950's coat hanger linkage!

Plus + +

• 2 - Power Valve Plugs

• 2 - sets Air Horn Plugs

• 9 - New Base Plate to Bowl Screws

• 3 - New Bowl Gaskets

• 3 - Base Plate Gaskets

• 3 - Base Plate to Intake Gaskets

** See the Master Builder Kit which includes all of the parts above, +++ Plus all of the parts needed to properly re-build your carbs

* Our Carbs, Systems and Kits have been recommened by Edelbrock since 1994

* featured in Hot Rod Magazine Feb.'11

Product Code: (0001) Rochester Tri-Power Base Plates & Progressive Linkage


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