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Rochester Q-Jet - Primary Jets


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Rochester Q-Jet - Primary Jets

- We have Jets Sizes in the .040"s - .050"s - .060"s - .070"s and .080"s - On Hand, and Ready To Ship

•  each jet is pin gauge verified for actual size, by us before being sent out

 Sold In Pairs (2 of ea. size) beware others may advertise their price as "Each"

• Rochester 2G - 2GC - 2GV Carbs

• Rochester 4G - 4GC Carbs

• Rochester Q-Jet Carbs

• Never assume your old used jets are correct or usable... and Beware of any jets that have had the sizes filled off or altered in any way

- specify your carb model and the size you want when ordering

- jet size recommendations made only with jet purchase

@ $12.95 pair

Product Code: (0003A) Q-Jet-Jets


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