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Rochester Carburetor - Precise - Main Metering Jets - 2G - 4G - Q-Jet Carburetors


Product Description

New Rochester Carburetor Parts - Main Metering Jets (custom made)

each jet is pin gauge verified for actual size, by us before being sent out

 Sold In Pairs (2 of ea. size) beware others may advertise their price as "Each"

• Rochester 2G / 2GC / 2GV Carbs

• Rochester 4G / 4GC Carbs

• Rochester Q-Jet Carbs

• Never assume your old used jets are correct or usable... and Beware of any jets that have had the sizes filled off or altered in any way

- specify your carb model and the size you want when ordering

- jet size recommendations made only with jet purchase

Product Code: (0002) Rochester Carburetor Main Metering Jets Precise


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