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Rochester 2GC Carburetor New Tri-Power Choke Thermostat Cover with Coil and Heat Baffle


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READ ALL - ALL OF THIS IS NEW - N.O.S. Rochester Tri-Power Choke Thermostat Cover; with Coil, Heat Baffle, Gasket, and New Screws and Cover Retainers

- We see another carb parts supplier advertising Damaged USED Black Bakelite Choke Covers - Without the Required Coil &/or The Required Heat Baffle for waaay more money... WTH is wrong with people!!

- We've also seen used junk yard choke stats of unknown quality and function on ebay for $85 and up...

- What are you going to buy? The Incomplete - Used Junk, Or OUR Brand New - Complete NOS Parts for less money!!

** Applications ( not limited to )

* 1959 thru 1961 Chevrolet 348" TriPower

* 1957 - 1960 Cadillac Tri-Power 

* 1957 - 1965 Pontiac Tri-Power

* 1957 - 1964 Cadillac 4GC

* Some Oldsmobile - Buick - 2GC and 4GC

* B Model 1 Barrel carbs

- If your vehicles carburetor choke heat tube, screws onto a choke housing nipple, rather than the choke stat cover it'self, these will work for you


• you must have your own hot air choke housing with choke shaft with drive arm to mount this in

• If you don't have a usable choke housing and guts, we can provide these also >>>

** Need A Choke Housing? - Complete NOS Choke Housing with it's required guts and this NOS Choke Coil Cover Kit - $205.oo





Product Code: (0016)Rochester 2GC Carburetor New Tri-Power Choke Thermosta


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