Sammy Pizzolato TestimonialNHRA “World Champion” Sammy Pizzolato, just sent us a few photos and some comments after using one of our ‘Complete’ Corvette Big Block TriPower Carburetor Insulator Packages on his own 1969 Corvette street car.

“These carb insulators are a must for every Big Block TriPower Corvette owner”… “It’s so nice now, to be able to shut off the engine, and not have to worry about carburetor percolation and gas flooding over into the engine”… “Larry, these really do work… Thanks for building such a great product.”

Thank You Sammy for the awesome endorsement… and because of the special material that these are made from, we know you will appreciate them for a long time to come.

* Sets of 3 – the logo will only appear on the center carb bowl shield, not all 3 insulators

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